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What Does No Longer Under Consideration Mean ?

The whole employment process can be stressful for you if you are a job applicant and waiting for an interview call or even the job offer. If you understand the process of reviewing your job application, it can help you get relaxed as there are several steps followed before giving a call to any applicant for an interview.

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After applying for any job, there are mainly five steps followed before you get hired.

Some of them are:

  • When you submit your job application, the status changes from applying to “application in the review.”
  • After some are reviewing your application, the status of your application changes to “application in progress.”
  • After some more review by the HR department, the status gets changed to “in touch.”
  • After the contracting process, the company gets to know whether they should hire the applicant or not. It’s a type of interview taken either on-call or in-person and the status of the application changes to either “hired” or changed to no longer under consideration.
  • After this process, the applicant’s status gets changed to closed, which means all the reviewing process is done.

Application under Review

An application under review means that the organization’s HR department is reviewing the application sent by you. They will check your application compatibility with the job role vacant in their organization. Your application is forwarded to the above hiring authorities after being reviewed by HR for furthermore reviewing.

Application in progress

There’s a case after the reviewing of application that is multiple candidates are being considered for a particular job as there are many candidates chosen for a particular position, so a telephonic interview or video call interview is conducted by the organization’s authorities to decrease the number of candidates by selecting some of them who were good even in the interview process. After this stage, the candidates’ application is forwarded for the next step, which is generally a panel interview. The applicants whose application is forwarded for panel interviews are selected from the telephonic interview. Their job status changes from under review to under consideration. Those who were not selected in the telephonic interview will have the status of no longer under consideration or closed.

No longer under consideration

After the panel interview is conducted, only a few candidates are selected. Those candidates who got selected after this process will now have to go through some verification process that the organization needs before sending you a hiring letter. These verifications can be for anything like your address verification or NOC or medical certificate that’s important for an organization to know about their applicant’s past background and physical conditions. Some of the organizations even ask for the signature of persons that are not blood-related to the applicant to check whether the applicant’s document is true. These processes are for the applicant who got selected. Their status changed to hire but, for those candidates who didn’t get selected, their application status gets changed to not under consideration or closed.

Organization applying rule

Some of the organizations have a rule for the candidates who didn’t get selected in this process. These rules are different in different organizations. Some organizations don’t allow these not selected applicants to apply for the job for at least one year, while some other organizations don’t allow to apply again for at least three years. Even some organization doesn’t allow you to apply for a lifetime once you got disqualified and some of the organization lets you apply for the very next vacancy in their organization. So these rules vary from organization to organization depending on the value that they provide.

What is follow-up

These steps are for those who got selected for a job on one or the other stage, but there’s also a case where the application submitted is never sent in progress, or you never get any email or call from the organization for which you applied. Those who didn’t receive any call or an email from the company about the job can do a follow-up with the company, which can be helpful for them.

Suppose there’s a vacancy for a job for which a large number of applicants have applied. And in that case, if you didn’t receive any call or email regarding your application, then it might be possible that your application just lost in between, so many applications are sent, or their requirements are already being fulfilled before contacting you. In such cases, a follow up would be of no help to you as even after the inquiry, you will only get a response that the job for which you applied has already been taken by someone else and now you can apply for some other vacancy if any or wait for the next opening. But, if, by chance, the company didn’t respond to your application with the job vacancy still open, then you can contact the company by rejection email or by a call to the HR department and ask them to consider your application.

When to check the application

After applying for any job, wait for at least 1-2 weeks before doing a follow-up with the company as contacting the company within a week can make your organization think of you as an impatient person, and the chance even gets decreased after that as the impression you leftover them was not good.


Process of follow-up

A follow up is a contacting process where you interact with your hiring authority and ask them about your job application, or you even tell them how much you are determined for the work or how you perfectly fit in the role. You can do the follow-up in many ways, like on an email or phone call or LinkedIn, or you can even follow up in person depending on the details available. All these ways can help you in your application consideration.

Email ID

If you have the company’s email ID, then it would be a good idea to contact them through email as it gives a professional touch, and maybe the way you wrote get liked by the hiring authority.


If you know the name of any authority in the company, then jobs search for the name on LinkedIn. You will find it there. Message them on LinkedIn about your application status, and if they reply to you there, then it’s best for you.


If you got the number of the hiring authority or the HR department, you can even call them and ask them about your application.


If you know the person who has been going to review your application, you can officially meet with the person and ask them about your application status online and what’s next step to follow to get hired for the role faster. You have got so many perks while doing a follow-up in person.

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