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Journaling is a great tool for coping with anxiety.

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First, define your purpose. Keeping a journal can give you a chance to create and consider the narrative of your life, with all of the choices you have made and the memories that make you who you are today.

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However, the benefits of journaling far outweigh the disadvantages or potential problems.

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Gratitude is an emotion, so it probably is not a stretch to consider that it could positively affect other emotions.

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How has the quality of education changed over time?

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What is driving the rapid global change? We can explain this ambition only when we recognize that we have a responsibility to live well and believe that living well means creating a life that is not simply pleasurable but good in that critical way.

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Think about what you could have done differently and try to do it the next time.

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Healthcare funding is essential for good health.

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